Jean-Pierre Guilloteau, Mountain Guide and a French specialist in the activity, tells us all about it:

“More than just a sports activity, Nordic walking is a comprehensive discipline that involves both the mind and body and procures a lasting sense of harmonious well-being to those who practise it. Nordic walking, which is derived from cross-country running, is defined as fast-paced walking using specific poles across different terrain.

But for me, Nordic walking is much more than that. There is an absolute and instant connection between the movement and its benefit through emphasis on the importance of the walker’s posture, which allows the person to move forward and look to the future with pride and confidence.

Unlike normal walking, Nordic walking involves the entire body with all its muscles and tendons and also stimulates the cardiovascular system. Besides the physical benefits of this endurance activity, which is more intense than it seems, there is another, more unexpected aspect that makes Nordic walking unique.

The work on coordination and breathing encourages participants to relax and let go, bringing benefits for the mind. This intrinsic psychological aspect is without doubt what makes Nordic walking a harmonious, all-inclusive and fair sport.”

Nordic walking at higher altitudes

Four sessions in 2019 to discover or progress in Nordic walking

Although Nordic walking can be practised by all ages regardless of physical condition, it is nevertheless important to learn how to do it. There are different walking techniques to get used to, and it takes practise to learn how to use the poles.

Our beginners’ and progression sessions include an explanation before the activity and exercises to learn how to handle the poles and adopt the best posture while walking, with “body straight, eyes looking forward”, and you need to lengthen your stride to avoid overbalancing.

Come and make the most of our Nordic walking weekends and/or week-long holidays in the welcoming and convivial atmosphere of our centre.

You will benefit from attentive instruction over several sessions with Jean-Pierre Guilloteau, in an ideal high-altitude setting on the Mont Cenis plateau.


Combine Sport and Relaxation at our centre!

We also offer two sessions at the Val Fontaine

spa and provide meals made with organic, local and seasonal produce. Some weeks include additional yoga/relaxation sessions.


In summer, the discovery morning activities (two one-hour sessions) included in our all-inclusive rate are dedicated to Nordic walking.


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