The trail run begins, the mountain lies before you, the horizon is your limit.

How well do you know Haute-Maurienne in summer or in autumn?
Endless paths, hills for every level, breath-taking landscapes… trail runners are sure to find what they’re looking for, beginners and experts alike!

That said, what is trail running?
Trail running crosses natural environments over different distances, usually along unpaved tracks and footpaths.

Trail running goes hand in hand with relaxation at CIS Ethic Etapes!

We propose a beginners’ week that includes trail runs, training from a professional alpine guide, important stretches for good physical condition and relaxation with two free entries to Val Fontaine spa (our fitness and well-being centre).

The package includes accommodation and dining with meals made with local, organic and seasonal produce, toujours fidèle à notre éthique !



Tempted by the Ethic Etapes trail tour?

Trail and cross-country runs here, there and everywhere, all year round!

In 2018, the Ethic Etapes network teamed up with trail and cross-country running organisations to hold different running events throughout the season, from January to December, as part of a nation-wide challenge. The idea was for runners to take part in races all over the country across diverse terrain, such as coastline, mountains, towns and countryside.

After the success of last year’s event, the Ethic Etapes network, which we are a member of, has decided to get it’s running shoes back on and set off for a new adventure!

In 2019, a variety of races will be held all over the country in which runners can win points and perhaps even win a stay at an Ethic Etapes centre! Just the trick for a good dose of discovery, thrills and emotion all round…

For more information, click on the following link:

What’s the closest trail run to us?

Come and take part in the EDF Cenis Tour trail runs

An adventure through the fantastic landscape of Mont Cenis surrounded by stunning scenery! An authentic mountain trail run, perfect for putting yourself to the test at higher altitudes!

  • 2019 dates: 3 and 4 August
  • Courses: 13, 23, 33, 53 km
  • Height differences: +1200m to +3500m depending on the course
  • Prices: €20 to €70 depending on the course
  • For more information and to register:

As always at CIS Ethic Etapes of Val Cenis, we welcome guests with our all-inclusive rate: full board (packed lunch) or half board so you can give it your all out on the course or courses you have chosen.


Other activitiesWant something else?

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